Los Angeles regional TPP community college partners collaborate on a 5th FREE virtual workshop series.

Join us for TEACH for LA November 15th-17th, 2021!

This FREE conference is for everyone in the field of education:
• Are you a future teacher? A college or high school student?
• A current teacher? College faculty? Paraeducator?
• Do you work with teachers and future teachers? Or want to?

Conference kick off Monday November 15th 5:30-7:00 pm
Breakout sessions November 16th – November 17th
Panels with teachers, students, and education experts
Networking, collaboration and fun!
Everything you need to know to TEACH for LA!

The conference will have a variety of breakout sessions to choose from, including sessions on early childhood education, TK-12 education and special education. You will be registered for the entire conference and have access to whatever sessions your schedule allows.

View the flipbook of sessions here:

Each day of the conference you will choose your own breakout sessions and join a community of educators and future educators in learning about such topics as:

Early Childhood Education Permit Matrix
Multiple Subject/Elementary School Credential Requirements
Single Subject/Junior High and High School Credential Requirements
Teacher Panel: Learn from Teachers Currently in the Field
Student Panel: Current Teacher Preparation Community College Students
Special Education Panel: Experts Share the Importance of High Quality SPED
TK-12 Interviewing Panel: Tips and Tricks to Help You be Successful
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in TK-12
Social Emotional Learning with Young Children
Invest in Your Future
Guest Speakers, Networking and an Opportunity Drawing

We also have a special FACULTY PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT SESSIONS planned for Wednesday November 16th and Thursday November 17th.

This conference is organized by TEACH LA Regional Collaborative. Sessions are hosted independently by regional community colleges and educations partners. This regional conference provides an opportunity to engage with faculty and teacher preparation programs from the Los Angeles Region.

All are Welcome! This is a FREE Conference

Register by clicking the link on the flyer (below and attached) or go to: https://lnkd.in/g4hP6dtr

Please share with anyone who may be interested in attending!

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Conference Session Recordings and Materials:

TEACH for LA - Conference Kick-off and Keynote Speaker (15 November 2021, 5:30-7p)

Materials: Chat – TEACH for LA – Conference Kick-off – 15 November 2021

Facilitator: Renee Marshall
Keynote Speaker: Yadira Arellano

Description: Welcome to TEACH for LA fall 2021 conference! Our Keynote Speaker, Yadira Arellano, will share the story of her journey through California’s education system as a second language learner and undocumented student. She will share her struggles and triumphs, and inspire all to TEACH. Opening session will also highlight what to expect during TEACH for LA and kick-off our conference with fun and excitement! Come to be inspired!

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Transformative Teaching: The What, Why, and How of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies (16 November, 9–9:55a)

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Materials: Presentation – Transformative Teaching The What, Why, & How of Culturally Sustaining Pedagogies
Chat – Transformative Teaching – 16 November, 9a – 9.55a

Presenter: Rosemary Wrenn, Ed.D., Education Lead Cuesta College, University Supervisor & Lecturer Cal Poly SLO 

Description: Change the world, one step at a time! This presentation and talk back will explore what it means to become a critically conscious educator.  We’ll unpack concepts of culturally sustaining pedagogies and why it is crucial that educators understand how to validate their students’ identities and communities. We’ll share practical ways to infuse your teaching with relevant, responsive, and anti-racist practices that create space for your future students to thrive. 

What's This CPTP Everybody's Talking About? (16 November 21, 10-10:55a)

Materials: What’s This CPTP Everybody’s Talking About – Teach for LA – slide deck.pptx

Suzanne Edwards-Acton, CPTP Director of Equity Initiatives
Ruth Ellis, CPTP Director of Special Education & Student Services Initiatives
Yvonne Ribas, CPTP Project Director
Yvonne Tran, CPTP Project Manager

Description: Come connect with other educators!  We invite you to join us for a conversation about why Community Partnerships for Teacher Pipeline (CPTP) focuses on strengthening the teaching profession. At this session, you will learn more about how to be a part of the CPTP Teacher Mentor Network (TMN) to elevate the teaching profession and cultivate the next generation of teachers.

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Putting the Special in Special Education (16 November 21, 12:30-1:55p)

Materials: Chat-Putting the Special in Special Education (16 November 21, 12-30-1-55p)

Facilitator: Doug Hughey, Professor, Mount San Antonio College
Dr. Janice Myck-Wayne, California State University Fullerton
Sheila Mateo, High School Education Specialist
Tianshu Pan, UC Riverside Graduate Student, Special Education & Autism

Description: Since the Education for All Handicapped Children Act was signed into law by President Gerald Ford 46 years ago, providing a free and appropriate education for all children with disabilities has been a critical component of public school systems across the nation.  Come and learn about this fascinating area of education, and if it is right for you.  You might be surprised by what you discover! This informative panel discussion will be hosted by Mount San Antonio College professor Doug Hughey and include the valuable insights of Dr. Janice Myck-Wayne- Cal State Fullerton: Sheila Mateo- High School Education Specialist: and Tianshu Pan- UC Riverside Graduate student in Special Education and Autism.
Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Understanding Permits, Credentials and the ECE Specialist Credential (16 November 21, 2-2:55p)

Materials: Understanding Changing Permits, Credentials and the ECE Specialist Credential

Kathleen White, CCSF ECE/EDU Apprenticeship Regional Joint Venture Lead, Past CDEV Dept. Chair and Faculty, City College San Francisco
Kate Williams Browne, ECE Department Chair, Academic Senate Officer, Appointee of the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges (CCC) to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing

Description: Change, change, change! Join us for an update and presentation on the changing landscape of permitting and credentialing in California. Resources and action steps will be shared to provide input into the process.
Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

LA Mission College and CSU Northridge, Teacher Prep Programs: Transfer & Credential Programs (16 November 21, 3-3:55p)

Jonathan Martinez, Assistant Director, CSU Northridge Liberal Studies Program
Jaclyn Kietzman, Recruitment Specialist, CSU Northridge
Dr. Veronica Allen, Chair Family and Child Studies Department, Los Angeles Mission College  

Description: Do you want to work with children or be a teacher? Come learn about Child Development and Education certificates, degrees, and transfer options to CSU- Northridge. You will also learn about the Liberal Studies and Credential Programs at CSUN. 
Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Technology in the Elementary Classroom (16 November 21, 4:30-5:30p)

Mr. Sergio Millan, Technology/Elementary Teacher, Pacoima Charter School
Dr. Veronica Allen, Chair Family and Child Studies Department, Los Angeles Mission College 

Description: This workshop will highlight the use of 21st century technology in the elementary classroom. Come learn about how an elementary teacher engages, inspires, and sparks students’ hands-on learning and creativity. 

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

STUDENT PANEL: How Mentoring Has Impacted My Journey to Becoming a Teacher (16 November 21, 5:30-7p)

Gallery View

Speaker View

Materials: Chat – STUDENT PANEL- How Mentoring Has Impacted My Journey to Becoming a Teacher

Coordinator:  M. Lea Martinez, Rio Hondo College

Alia Medrano, Student Success Coach, Rio Hondo College
Darneanna Fallins-Pryor, Student Success Coach, Cerritos College

Cindy Lopez, Rio Hondo College
Isaac Medrano, Rio Hondo College
Stephanie Reyes, Cerritos College
Karly Bill, Cerritos College
William Salazar, El Camino College
Yuni Carranza, El Camino College

Description: Students from Rio Hondo College, El Camino College, and Cerritos College will talk about their experiences in the Community Partnerships for Teacher Pipeline (CPTP) program and how mentoring has impacted their journey to becoming a teacher.

The CPTP program, funded by the U.S. Department of Education, Supporting Effective Educator Development (SEED) grant, aims to build a community-based teacher pipeline that strengthens the teaching profession by increasing the number of teachers of color. The program connects future teachers in Greater Los Angeles to enhanced advisory mentors and success coaches while providing career development activities and stipends. Another component of this program is the CPTP Teacher Mentoring Network, which serves as a hub of professional learning communities for teacher support, collaboration, and community building in the region.  

CPTP Success Coaches who are an intricate part of CPTP’s holistic student support services approach will facilitate this workshop.

We Need to Talk: Cultivating Critical Conversations (17 November 21, 9-9:55a)

Materials: TEACH for LA-Critical Conversations – presentation
Copy of Talk About Race – diagram
Chat – We Need to Talk- Cultivating Critical Conversations – 17 November 21, 9-9.55a

Presenter: Rosemary Wrenn, Ed.D., Education Lead Cuesta College, University Supervisor & Lecturer Cal Poly SLO 

Description: This interactive workshop is centered on tools for navigating and encouraging critical conversations – especially those involving race, ability, and other elements of our intersecting identities. We’ll explore ways we can develop our own skills to prepare for challenging situations in order to build community and belonging in our learning spaces. Participants will engage in critical conversations and consider how we can weave them into our daily interactions with classmates, students, and our community. 

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

CalSTRS - Your Financial Future (17 November 21, 10-10:55a)

Presenter: Jennifer Helfend-Gomez, Stakeholder Engagement Manager-CalSTRS

Description: This presentation provides an overview of the CalSTRS hybrid retirement system, your survivor and disability benefits, how your benefit will be calculated, ways you can increase your benefit and other CalSTRS resources available to you. Learn more about this first step in your life journey with CalSTRS.


Professionalism for Future Teachers (17 November 21, 11-11:55a)

Yadira Arellano, SWP TEACH LARC Lead and Faculty El Camino College
Renee Marshall, SWP TEACH LARC Consultant

Description: Attend this session to learn about education etiquette and norms. The presenters will cover the most essential components of professionalism for future teachers and share tips on how to be successful in your school environment and within your community.

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Brain Basics, Strengthening the Connections between the Growing Brain, Curriculum Planning, and Learning in Early Childhood (17 November 21, 11-11:55a)

Materials: Brain Basics-Strengthening Connections_Brinson_Teach LA 11-17-21 – presentation

Presenter: LaShawn Brinson, Child Development Department Chair at Los Angeles Southwest College and Director of “Just Breathe” Social Emotional Learning & Wellness Academy NPO

Description: The brain is the most complex organ in the human body. Understanding the basics of brain growth can strengthen our understanding of behaviors and how children learn.  This workshop will highlight the connections between the growing brain, curriculum planning, and learning in early childhood.

Making a Career Change to Teaching and Alternate Routes to Teaching (17 November 21, 12:30-1:55p)

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Speaker view

Materials: Chat – Making a Career Change to Teaching and Alternate Routes to Teaching – 17Nov21

Presenter: Janice Velazquez, Family & Consumer Sciences Faculty, East Los Angeles College

Description: This workshop will discuss career phases and how they relate to the different teaching pathways.  The presenter will go into detail on how professional development, obtaining a degree or credential influences a teaching career. Lastly, the speaker will provide resources to support the journey from education into a successful teaching career by boosting confidence, workplace readiness, and employability. 

The Role of Faculty in Supporting Future Teachers at the Community College (17 November 21, 2-2:55p)

Materials: Presentation – The Role of Faculty in Supporting Future Teachers at the Community College

Presenter: Leticia Rojas, Ed.D., Pasadena City College

Description: This workshop will have college faculty and staff explore ways to support students who are aspiring educators by examining different models, strategies, and ideas. They will then have an opportunity to share best practices with one another and move towards an action plan. 

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

Racial Equity and Social Justice in the Classroom (17 November 21, 2-2:55p)

Lisa Wilson,
C.A.R.E. Principal Founder and from Zero to Three the Director of Equity and Outreach
Kim Barker, C.A.R.E. Co-Founder and Assistant Professor, Antelope Valley College

Description: Join this session to share and learn about why advocating for social justice, in education, is an equitable practice.  We will be sharing resources, supporting the implementation of equitable practices as well as fostering inclusive teaching and learning environments. 

From Conception to Success: Starting Your Own Preschool (17 November 21, 4-5p)

Materials: Chat box- From Conception to Success- Starting Your Own Preschool (17 November 21, 4-5p)

Jennifer Carter, Executive Director, Oak Tree Learning Center
Darlene Morales, Co-owner, Little Stars Preschool

Description: Thinking of opening your own preschool someday? Two different preschool owners will share their stories on how they started their successful preschools, Oak Tree Learning Center and Little Stars, which provide learning environments that foster cooperation and build positive relationships. They will give you practical and valuable strategies on how they started their successful preschool programs, and they will also give participants an opportunity to ask questions. You won’t want to miss this informative session!

TEACHER PANEL (17 November 21, 4-5:25p)

Facilitated by Megan Kaplinsky

Description: Join us for a casual Q and A with teachers. Attend this session to learn how to THRIVE as a new teacher. The panel will include teachers from a variety of grade levels. Learn about tips for success for your first years of teaching!

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

SPECIAL WORKSHOP BY OUR PARTNERS AT CUESTA COLLEGE - Pathways to your teaching credential: Basic Skills and Subject Requirement Cuesta College (17 November 21, 5-6:30p)

Materials: Resources Shared in Chat
Basic Skills Requirement Workshop Presentation

Description: Join us as we discuss the recent changes to the Basic Skills and Subject Matter Requirements to obtain your California Teaching Credential. Learn about the new options for meeting the Basic Skills and Subject Matter Requirements for California Teachers. Find out more about test preparation workshops if you choose the testing option. Get details about different paths to earning your teaching credential. Have the opportunity to participate in a Q&A with Cuesta and Cal Poly, SLO Faculty and Staff 

TEACH FOR LA - CLOSING SESSION (17 November 21, 6:30-8p)

Gallery View

Speaker View

Materials: Chat – TEACH for LA – CLOSING SESSION (17 November 21, 6-30-8p)

Facilitator: Renee Marshall
Closing Keynote: Yadira Arellano

Description: Come together for the conclusion of TEACH for LA! Join us for a Keynote speech from Yadira Arellano that will move you and motivate you. Closing session also includes an opportunity drawing (must be present to win). All are welcome!

Session is presented by a credentialed teacher.

TEACH for LA bonus session: Restorative Justice in K-12 Schools (18 November 21, 4-5p)

Presenter: Tarik Smith, Restorative Justice Teacher Advisor, Carver Middle School, LAUSD, tsmith1@lausd.net

Materials: Introduction to Restorative Practices – Teach For LA
Chat box- TEACH for LA bonus session- Restorative Justice in K-12 Schools (17 November 21)

Description:  This session will serve as a full and lively introduction to Restorative Justice (RJ). We will cover the practices, approaches, strategies, and habits of mind that are necessary to build a restorative culture in our schools. We will learn about how SEL practices also dovetail with RJ, and we will learn specific strategies for implementation that can immediately be put to use in whatever context we find ourselves in. Specifically, we will learn about the history and the political context of RJ and why the word justice is such an important component. We will participate in an RJ circle. We will also learn several ways to incorporate SEL into our daily practices. You will also be provided with a landing page with several resources for you to continue your learning after the session.