Bay Area Regional Consortium – Teach for the Bay – October 2020

Teach for the Bay — Virtual Workshop Series Program

Teach for the Bay conference flipbook.

The accordion below contains the available videos and/or links to the recorded videos for some of the individual sessions.
Teaching Pathways Opportunities at San Francisco State University! (5 October 2020, 1-2p)

Tinkering with TinkerCad (5 October 2020, 2-3p)

Exploring Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Children's Literature (6 October 2020, 10-11a)
The Need to Build a Local Teacher Workforce in Computer Technology Fields (6 October 2020, 10-11a)
Let's Get Moving (English Workshop) (6 October 2020, 11a-12p)

KEYNOTE: Patrick Camangian, From Coping to Hoping: Teaching Students to Thrive Through Social Trauma (6 October 2020, 11a-12:30p)

Tri-County Educator Pathways Consortium-Building a Regional Teacher Preparation Coalition for Future Educators (6 October 2020, 1-2p)
Child Development Permits Explained: En Espanol (7 October 2020, 2-3p)

The Future of Technical Skills for NextGen Teachers (7 October 2020, 10-11a)
Creating Equity with Community Resources (8 October 2020, 2-3p)

Teacher Myth Busting: Transforming Deficit Thinking (8 October 2020, 4:30-5:30p)