Map your TPP Ecosystem

Introduction to the Kumu Ecosystem Mapping Planning Tool

As part of the Education Futures grant application process, Teacher Preparation Programs (TPP) across California used Kumu Ecosystem Maps to analyze their local and regional relationships as a means of analyzing and addressing essential self-assessment questions.  Kumu is a data visualization platform that helps organize complex information into interactive relationship maps.

Overview of Mapping Process

  • Think through your local and regional TPP ecosystem
  • Inventory current activities and partnerships
  • Populate a new map utilizing the online Kumu TPP template
  • The map is produced and can be used to plan

This planning tool aids in determining:

  • where partnerships need to be strengthened,
  • what priorities to set for future development, and
  • where there might be gaps in service

Local, Regional, and Statewide Kumu Mapping

  • Each college enters partnership data into a template
  • Kumu will run the program to produce the maps
  • Tier One Regions will be able to sync those maps into one Regional Map
  • Eventually all maps can be synced to a statewide map

Instructions on getting started with Kumu mapping.

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