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Virtual Workshop Series – October 2020

Why teach for the Bay?

The Bay Area needs you! Community college students are local, diverse, committed to their community and make great teachers!

A Rewarding Career

Teaching is a rewarding career. You can make a difference with children, youth, families and your own community. Teachers engage, create and connect every day.

Work/Life Benefits

Teachers typically have have good benefits, retirement plans, a schedule that promotes work/life balance, opportunities for professional growth, access to jobs if you need to move and a 9-10 month work schedule.

Teachers Are in High Demand

The SF Bay Area has a teacher shortage and needs teachers at all levels: ECE, Transitional Kindergarten, Elementary School, Middle/High School and Community College. Teachers in Special Education, Math, Science, Career Technical Education and bi-lingual teachers are all in high demand in the Bay Area.

Innovative Programs and Support

Start your pathway or change your career and get on track at a community college. We have affordable classes and programs that can help you. Also, you can work in jobs with children and youth while going to school in your own community.